Curtis on Tour

March 3, 2010

Hi again!

Last night we had our third performance of the tour at Henry Chapel just outside Seattle.  The chapel was a very intimate performance setting.  Since the chapel wasn't designed as a performance hall, lighting and space were issues that we could only partially solve.  Ms. Kavafian, Mr. Wiley, Hyobi, and I had to huddle around an antique floor lamp that was borrowed from a house nearby in order to see our music.  In the Dvorak, Mr. Wiley and I took turns bobbing and bending out of each other's way to keep from smashing our bows.  Meanwhile, Yekwon and the piano were situated two steps above us near the altar at the back of the chapel.  Every time Ms. Kavafian glanced back to connect with Yekwon, I couldn't help but wonder if she was raising her eyes to the heavens pleading for divine intervention.  Even with these unorthodox conditions, there was a certain humility and charm to the performance.  Particularly in the Adagio of the Barber, playing in a house of worship with a high ceiling enhanced the emotion and sonorities.  The sound of each agonizing suspension and  chord evolved as it reverberated off the wooden ceiling and stone floors.  Similarly in the Dvorak, every outburst of exuberance was that much more powerful and joyous.

After the concert, we went back to our historic luxury hotel (The Sorrento) and met up with Frank and Cynthia Bayley, members of Curtis' board of overseers and hosts of the concert, and Mr. Diaz, President of Curtis.  I devoured my arugula and goat cheese salad, herb roasted yukon potatoes, and cranberry glazed lamb chops  quickly and dove into a mountain of chocolate cake.  When I returned to my room to pack, I slipped into the complimentary robe hanging in the closet and looked out at the beautiful view of Seattle’s skyline just outside my window.  Knowing that I had my own French press coffee waiting for me next to my bed in the morning, I drifted into sleep fairly easily.

Yeah, I think I could get used to this touring thing...


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